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A fellow stamp dealer visited Gustamps Brighton shop. The dealer a regular visitor to Gustamps often bought stamps from Gustamps and also sold surplus stamps to Gustamps at trade rates. On this visit he told Gustamps he had heard in the trade that the Maltese Post Office had been ordered by the Courts to pay two stamp dealers 54,000 Euros in compensation. Gustamps heard the 54,000 Euros was payment for stocks of Maltese mint stamps which the Malta Post Office had demonetized when the Maltese currency changed from Maltese Lira to Euros. The dealer told Gustamps that originally the Malta post office refused to pay the dealers. Gustamps heard from the dealer that the Maltese Civil Court had ruled that the dealers should be compensated by the Malta post office. The news was of great interest to Gustamps as Gustamps holds substantial stocks of mint Maltese postage stamps.

Gustamps would like to thank the friendly Welsh stamp dealer for his up to the minute stamps news and allowing Gustamps to publish this newsworthy blog.