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The researcher at Gustamps was upset to hear that the search room at the British postal archives will be closed on Mondays. Gustamps understand that the closure is necessary to allow stamp collections to be transferred to their new home at the Postal Museum. Gusamps philatelic researcher said he enjoys visiting the search room at the archives, but knows that the Monday closures are necessary. Gustamps philatelic researcher has been researching stamps for Gustamps for many years.

Public can view important artwork

Gustamps have heard that important philatelic artwork which was in the Postmaster General’s art collection will now be on view to the public. According to Gustamps the US Postmaster General has agreed for the artwork to be loaned to the national postal museum in Washington USA. Gustamps say members of the public will be able to see the artwork on display at the world stamp show in 2016. Gustamps think this is great for the hobby of stamp collecting.