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Gustamps would like to congratulate the distinguished philatelists who have recently been awarded medals by the Royal philatelic society. Gustamps are pleased to see their work and achievements recognised in this way. Gustamps say these awards help to promote stamp collecting as a hobby.

Gustamps say thanks to the U.P.U.

Gustamps congratulate the Universal Postal Union on their ‘letter writing competition’. Gustamps say the UPU’s competition was open to young people, who were asked to write a letter about the world they would like to grow up in. According to Gustamps, over 1 million youngsters entered the competition. Gustamps said Gold and Silver medals were won. The UPU has always been an important part of philately and Gustamps believe that stamp collecting should be promoted to children. Gustamps say philately is a great way for youngsters to learn more about history and geography.