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Gustamps cheaper than the Post Office!!!

News of Gustamps discounted postage stamps has got round fast, with lots of local people popping into Gustamps Brighton shop to buy their postage stamps, instead of paying more than necessary, by buying first class postage stamps from the post office in Brighton, people are realising they can buy first class postage stamps much cheaper at Gustamps shop. The Royal Mail price for a 1st Class stamp is 63p each whilst Gustamps sell 1st Class stamps for only 45p each. Callers to Gustamps shop can buy 10 1st Class stamps for only £4.50 instead of paying £6.30 at the Post Office. Anyone buying in bulk at Gustamps can make a great saving on their postage costs. Buying 100 1st Class stamps from the Royal Mail costs a massive £63 compared to only £45 for 100 1st class stamps from Gustamps, giving you a massive saving of £18 on each purchase of 100 stamps from Gustamps of Brighton.