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Millionaire stamp collector at Gustamps

A recent visitor to Gustamps was amazed that he could buy German stamps which originally cost millions of German Marks for only a few pence each at Gustamps. The stamps issued in the 1920s at a time of raging inflation in Germany were on sale at Gustamps shop at only 10p each. By the time the customer had spent £1 on the stamps at Gustamps Brighton shop he was a multi-millionaire. Unfortunately the stamps could not be cashed in at a bank and merely had curiosity value. Pleased with his purchase at Gustamps the man said they would make a great talking point with his friends. Gustamps have lots of pre-war inflation stamps for sale. For example, a one-million Mark stamp would cost only 10p at Gustamps. Gustamps manager said other inflation stamps were on sale at Gustamps including Argentinian stamps with denominations expressed in massive amounts. Gustamps manager pointed out that inflation has affected other countries. As recently as 2006, Roumania reformed and revalued its currency when 10,000 old Leu’s became worth only 1 new Leu overnight. If you want to become a ‘philatelic millionaire’ pop into Gustamps of Brighton and achieve your goal for only a few pence.