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A group of boy scouts looked into Gustamps stamp shop whilst on a visit to Brighton. The Scouts were buying various Boy Scout and Girl Guide stamps from Gustamps, when one of them told Gustamps he had been given a set of the Czechoslovakian Scout stamps of 1918 and asked Gustamps to confirm to his friends that these were the first Scout stamps ever issued in the world.

Unfortunately Gustamps had to point out that the first Scout stamps were issued in 1900 by Lord Baden Powell. During the Siege of Mafeking Gustamps said that the Czechoslovakian Scout Stamps were in fact the first Czechoslovakian stamps pre-dating all others. Before leaving Gustamps stamp shop, all the young Scouts received some free Scout stamps from Gustamps. Gustamps presented all of them with a set of the Jubilee Jamboree stamps issued in the U.K. in 1957.