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During John Bertrum’s visit to Gustamps stamp shop in Brighton, Mr.Bertrum came across an old cover in Gustamps stock. Mr Bertrum bought the cover from Gustamps and told Gustamps manager how it reminded him of a newspaper article he had read. Gustamps manager heard that the article was about Edmund Blampied, the Jersey artist who stayed in Jersey during the German occupation of World War II. Gustamps manager was told he was forced by the Germans to design stamps for them. Blampied included the King’s initials GR as part of the design. Gustamps manager was pleased to hear how the islanders were delighted and how the German occupation forces failed to notice what Blampied had done. The cover which Mr Bertrum bought from Gustamps had one of Blampied’s 3d Jersey stamps postmarked during WWII. Mr Bertrum pointed out the GR initials on the stamp to Gustamps manager, who was quite impressed.

Thanks to John Bertrum from Gustamps for allowing Gustamps to publish his nostalgic memories of Jersey’s history, which he recalled during his visit to Gustamps shop.