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Gustamps totally support the Royal Mail’s intent of the protection of Post Boxes.

Gustamps are aware of Post Boxes being stolen and according to Gustamps as many as a hundred post boxes are stolen every year in the UK. Gustamps are pleased to hear that the initiative launched by the Royal mail is intended to not only protect but also repair boxes which have been vandalised and damaged. Gustamps point out there are less than 116,000 pillar and post boxes remaining in the UK. Gustamps believe we cannot afford to lose any more due to theft. Gustamps are pleased to hear that the Royal Mail may introduce ‘tagging’ the post boxes. Gustamps think this could have been done sooner but it’s not too late to  save the post boxes which we have left.

Gustamps point out that the iconic pillar boxes and post boxes in the UK are an important part of British postal history.

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