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Gustamps manager was sifting through some old philatelic covers when he came across an old cover with a dutch stamp postmarked ‘Amsterdam 1907’. Gustamps manager said the postmark was a scarce pictorial postmark for the international philatelic  exhibition of the Netherlands in 1907. Gustamps manager went on to say, the cover contained a letter from a philatelist visiting the exhibition in which he said there were “about 80 exhibitors, and many English tourists”. Gustamps manager who is a specialist in early philatelic exhibitions said the next big exhibition after this one was held in Berne (Switzerland) according to Gustamps manager, over 170 exhibitors were present at the Berne exhibition (twice as many as the previous international exhibition). Gustamps manager said King George V had a special section for his own collection which was decorated with English flags. Gustamps manager went on to mention that Mr H.J.Duveen of London displayed two of the rarest stamps in the world, the post office 1d and 2d Mauritius stamps. Gustamps manager said these were regarded as the most valuable stamps on display and were valued at £2,000 each at the time. According to Gustamps, these two stamps now have a catalogue value of £2400000.

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