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Specialist stamp collector Hector Braham looked into Gustamps shop in Brighton last month. Mr Braham who specialises in Victorian Chalon Head stamps of New Zealand was chatting to the manager at Gustamps, whilst looking through Gustamps stock of New Zealand stamps. Mr Braham told Gustamps manager how he remembers seeing the original portrait of Queen Victoria by Chalon from which the iconic design of early N.Z. stamps originate. Gustamps manager heard the portrait was a Mezzotint engraving by Samuel Cousins, based on Chalon’s portrait of the Queen which was on display at the museum of New Zealand. Gustamps manager told Mr Braham that he remembered hearing how the engraving came to light after disappearing for many years until it was discovered in 1995 at an antiques auction in New Zealand. Mr Braham heard from Gustamps manager that stamp enthusiast W.Paterson bought the portrait and donated it to the museum. Mr Braham told Gustamps manager he had thoroughly enjoyed his memorable visit to Gustamps shop and his chat with Gustamps manager. He said he was delighted with his purchases of Chalon head stamps whilst at Gustamps shop and that he was looking forward to coming back to Gustamps during his proposed trip to Brighton next year. Gustamps would like to thank Mr Hector Braham for allowing Gustamps to publish his nostalgic experience whilst visiting Gustamps Brighton stamp shop.

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