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During his trip to East Sussex, Keen philatelist and deep-sea diver Jack Marino looked into Gustamps stamp shop in Brighton. Whilst at Gustamps shop, Mr Marino bought several sets of shells and marine life stamps from Gustamps. Mr Marino told Gustamps he was a deep-sea diver and was looking particularly for stamps depicting divers. The salesman at Gustamps showed Mr Marino a postcard bearing ‘waterproof stamps’ on postcards with embossed postmarks. Gustamps salesman explained the postcards had been posted at an underwater post office off the coast of Hideaway Island (Vanuatu). Gustamps salesman went on to explain the underwater post box allows divers to post letters out of normal post office hours. Jack Marino asked how many of these postcards Gustamps had in stock. When he found out that Gustamps only had 9 available Mr Marino bought all of them from Gustamps.

Pleased with his postcards from Gustamps, Jack Marino said that Vanuatu is now top of his list of ‘must visit places’. Gustamps would like to thank Mr Jack Marino for letting Gustamps share his experience at Gustamps with other collectors.

Did you know that Gustamps price for 1st Class postage stamps is much cheaper than the Royal Mail price?

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